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Featured Research

Karen Bax

Making Mindfulness Matter (M3)

Led by Dr. Karen Bax and Dr. Claire Cooks, Making Mindfulness Matter - Creating a Culture of Resiliency in the Family.

Western University’s Mary J. Wright research and Education Centre has been working in Collaboration with Merrymount Children's Centre to create and implement the M3 Program.

M3 is a concurrent parent and child program that supports parents by offering a new approach to parenting in stressful situation and helps children Build skills to manage their emotions and behaviours and build caring relationship with those around.

Through exploring how our brain works under stress, M3 teaches how we can pay better attention o our feelings, thoughts and behaviours through mindful awareness which helps us make better decisions about how we respond. M3 also teaches positive ways to respond, like perspective taking, using thankfulness, kindness and positive thinking.

The M3 program involves:

  • 8 weeks long
  • Includes one 90 minute session per week
  • Facilitates concurrent groups with parents and children joining together at the end of each group to practice M3 skills together
  • Teaches mindful awareness and social emotional learning skills

Anton Puvirajah and Nicole Neil

The Effects of a Pilot After STEM Program on Social Skills of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Led by Dr. Nicole Neil and Dr. Anton Puvirajah

The purpose of this pilot study is to determine the effects of group -video-modeling of social skills to an audience of children ages 10-13 with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.  The target social skills will be embedded within a STEM after-school program.

Study participation involves:

  • Parent/Caregiver
    • 1.25 hour screening and pre- and post-assessment
  • Child
    • Attend 3 to 4 hour long session
    • The session will teach social skills that involve teamwork and cooperation using group video modeling
    • Practice social skills during STEM activities